Healing Mom Through Reiki


Today I got the opportunity to heal mom through distance healing. In the morning, mom called me when I was in a shopping mall enjoying salad at Au Bon Pain. In between our conversation, mom said: “I will call you later, want to take some rest. Too much pain in the neck”. I thought, this is the right opportunity to test what you learned. Why not try distant healing? I immediately concentrated on mom’s neck area and focused my intention to direct Reiki towards mom. After a couple of minutes, I received a call from my sister that mom is feeling better. I asked sister to keep informing me in the next few hours. Again I received a message from sis after a couple of minutes in which she wrote: “Wow bro, mom is happy. She is feeling very well. Very little stiffness is left”.

I am happy with this first experiment. It really worked.

Internet Night Plan Sucking Me

A new government policy termed as FUP (Fair Usage Policy) is becoming a mess these days. Even if you are willing to pay for an unlimited connection, you will get a hidden upload/download limit. I became yet another victim of this unFair Usage Policy, I must say.

I purchased MTS MBlaze 999 plan from a local shop and felt happy with the gadget and the speed, 3.1 Mbps (MTS claims). The MTS marketing guy told me that the first month usage is absolutely FREE. Being a software programmer and web-designer, I upload large amount of data daily. Apart from that, my online backup tools are always running on the Windows system tray, backing up my critical documents, project files and photos. One bright sunny day, I noticed the connection speed as low as 80 Kbps. I was not able to check any mails. Even the mailing services like Google, with bare-bone interface, failed to load. I contacted the customer support just to get a big jolt. The tech support replied that I have crossed the 12 GB FUP limit and so the speed has been reduced to 150 Kbps.

This is the hidden strategy that the company’s marketing representatives won’t tell you while filling the form. Once you have crossed the 12 GB limit, you will get 80 Kbps connectivity as opposed to what MTS claims of 150 Kbps.

Anyway, overall, the service is good as far as you are under the limit. It is not the fault of MTS alone. I called Airtel and got the same reply.

This month I subscribed for the night plan. I was ready to pay extra if I use the Internet in the day time, but more shocks were awaiting. It won’t connect in the day time. You can connect it between 10 pm to 7 am.

The unlimited account is limited with a hidden policy.

Starting fiction


Yesterday, my cousin CB and me, were again on the Brigade Road, as usual. We often meet at this place on Sundays. We pass time surfing the busy street, up and down, and sometimes pass time at Amoeba games. One of the topic that ignited our chat was “What is the use of reading a fiction? And why to buy it at all?“. This discussion didn’t reach any conclusion in this meeting, but the question kept bouncing inside my head. Later yesterday, I Googled around to find any articles to get answer. A blog says that reading fiction develops the right brain and makes you more social. It says that according to a scientific study, fiction readers are more social as compared to non-fiction readers. Still I am searching for a more correct answer.

In the meantime, I have started reading a fiction since today evening. Yesterday I searched on the New York Times best-seller list and noted the names of few novels. Today I found one of them at the Strand Book Festival 2010 Bangalore. It is a crime fiction and the first in the series of three novels by Steig Larsson. The title is: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

[ 23:08:00 ] – A little change to this blog.

Sometimes it is difficult to give a post a subject, if it is your daily blog and you maintain it like a day-end diary. In my older posts, I used to just mention the post writing time in the subject line. Now I think to add few words along with the time. It will be easy for me to track comments as to which post the comment was added.


There is an antiquarian bookshop in Bangalore with the name Select Book Shop. It is located at Brigade Road. Here is a fascinating story of a man whose passion of collecting rare books has given him and his shop a unique recognition in Bangalore.


Bangalore Book Festival 2010 is a new buzz in Bangalore and it is like a treasure island for a bookworm like me. Many stalls have used books on sale with heavy discounts. There are many stalls with fifty rupee sale, pick any used or old book in their stock for just rupee fifty. I found three bestsellers:

  1. Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems
  2. The Purpose Driven® Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
  3. Inside Intuit: How the Makers of Quicken Beat Microsoft and Revolutionized an Entire Industry

All the three books are hardcover editions and worth reading. You can find similar precious books in the used books category. All the three books above are in a very good condition and looks like a new fresh copy.

Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems


Today I woke up at 12:57 pm setting an all time laziness record for myself. Though I slept yesterday at 3:30 am, but still  should have avoided this mid-day dream adventure. After refreshing myself from a record sleep syndrome, I went directly to take lunch and since than sitting in front of my PC, learning & surfing. With a few steps around my small room, to keep blood reaching all the nerves, no other activity.

Yesterdays, Reiki treatment relaxed me and I think today’s record sleep is the result of that therapy.


Just returned from a hectic trip to a distant corner of the city. Since 2006, I am suffering from intense neck pain and since than I’ve taken variety of treatments but nothing seems to be working. I also do neck exercises but it triggers when it wants to. It is a common ailment and computer users who work for long hours, specially on laptops, suffer from this injury. It is called RSI (Repeated Stress Injury).

I took appointment from a Reiki expert today. Though I reached full one hour late but I am happy that I met her. This is the first time in my life when I experienced Reiki.


CB couldn’t accompany me tonight in technology R&D as his eyelids became similar to Garfield.

He is in deep sleep now, but whole day passed in knowledge sharing. I am still using notebook PC to update my blogs.


Photo Credit: flairforthedramatic


CB called me yesterday afternoon and invited for a little Diwali celebration at this lone house. His room partner is out on vacation and CB is alone. After reaching we had a shocking dinner in a nearby restaurant. We didn’t like the preparation and simply tried to escape from this restaurant.

Till five in the morning, we enjoyed watching episodes of Krishna and Ramayan.